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We have listed thousands of jobs and counting. We have a broad range of subscribers across Vanuatu and around the world, with an extensive reach and community of over 15,000 job seekers.

Thousands of jobseekers

Quickly and easily connect with the right jobseekers with our community of over 20,000+ job seekers

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Job listings start from 3,900 vatu, with 5 and 10 job packs providing even more value.

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Unlike other Vanuatu Job boards, you have FULL control over your listing. You can edit, update and manage your job advert directly using your employer login.


Vanuatu Wok is powered by not-for-profit Youth Challenge Vanuatu helping youth into employment and offer training to strengthen our community – helping our country to thrive.

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Vanuatu Wok is run for and by niVanuatu people. Our mission is to help Vanuatu thrive through employment

Free volunteer and board listings

Volunteers play a crucial role in many Vanuatu organisations, and all volunteer listings are FREE


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Vanuatu Wok expands on our mission to help people find work in Vanuatu, and make it easier for employers to recruit and hire across the country 


How to list your job

  1. Register as an employer on To register on the website click here.
  2. Submit your job listing. Click on the submit a job button in the top right-hand corner of this website, or visit this link.
  3. Make your payment. Once you submit your job, Vanuatu Wok will review your advert and publish it on the website.  This advert is then sent out to all our subscribers across Vanuatu and the world. Once approved, we’ll email you a link to your invoice for payment and details on how this can be paid.  This can be paid via cash, cheque or bank transfer
  4. Applicants apply for your role. Applicants contact you directly via email or optionally you can choose to get them to submit their CV through our website which is automatically forwarded to you.


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