About us

YCV team


The Vanuatu Wok website is run by Youth Challenge Vanuatu (YCV).

We are a local NGO working on youth leadership and livelihoods since 2001. We specialise in offering young people employment and enterprise training courses. Aimed at those without school qualifications, our courses, which include life skills, internships and counselling, smooth the pathway into employment, enterprise or further study.

To find out more about Youth Challenge Vanuatu, visit our website 


Programs we run:

We run four main projects and programs:

  • Ready for Work (RFW)
  • Ready for Business (RFB)
  • Youth Center Services (YCS)
  • and this website – vanuatuwok.vu (previously wokikik.vu)

Our Youth Center Services in Port Vila has a computer lab where registered youth members have daily access to work on their CV, apply for jobs, check emails, learn how to use a computer, search the internet and look for and apply for jobs via the Vanuatu Wok website.


Become a member

  • Are you a Ni-Vanuatu youth, aged between 16-35?
  • Looking for work or to start a business?

If you answered YES to these questions, become a member of Youth Challenge Vanuatu (YCV)!

To register, come to our office ( Youth Challenge Vanuatu, #2 Area, Port Vla, Vanuatu). You will need:

  • photo ID
  • a copy of your birth certificate
  • the 100 VT annual fees.

Success stories

Read more about some of our success stories of our graduates here.

Case Study: Melody.

Read more in this article on The Daily Post.

“…Originally from Tanna, Melody attended in Tafea College in Tanna and moved to Port Vila to complete high school and University of the South Pacific’s Foundation studies at Tebakor College. She enrolled for a degree program at USP but had to drop out due to financial hardship.

In 2016, Melody heard about YCV and became a member. Every week she would visit the YCV office and apply for work via the YCV’s online employment website- ‘wok I kik YCV”.

In 2017 Melody joined Youth Challenge’s ‘Ready for Work’ program which offers selections, recruitment, training and internship placement for a period of six month. Within two months of completing the program Melody secured a two-month internship with the Department of Fisheries. Her internship was extended for another six months.”

“It was very challenging to work six months as a volunteer with no pay especially in Port Vila. But I continued, I was achieving my dream to get work and the skills I picked up with YCV really helped me during those times,” said Melody

Her dedication paid off, in April 2018 Melody was appointed as a Data Clerk Officer at the Department of Fisheries.